Iran Statistics Day 2012

Iran Statistics Day 2012- Report
October 21-22, Isfahan Mathematics House 


 Iran Statistics Day- Report
October 21-22, 2012
Isfahan Mathematics House

"Statistics, Today's Needs & Tomorrow's Necessities

Workshops and Exhibitions:
• Statistical Time Tunnel: Posters about the process of Iran Statistics development and introducing the famous Iranian Statisticions
• Statistical Tricks: Group discussions about some statistical sample tricks
• Introducing Statistical Soft wares: Showing some abilities of statistical soft wares
• Introducing Statistical Fields: Talking about statistics' courses at university level and various branches of this field at this level
• Statistics and Industry: Introducing two professional industrial projects used high level applications of statistics
• Statistical Game Room
• Future of Learning Statistics: Talking about statistics and Entrepreneurship

Besides holding the workshops and exhibitions, there was a mini-conference at IMH where professors from universities in Shiraz, Tehran and Isfahan and Isfahan high-school statistics teachers participated; and Professor Hamid Pezeshk delivered a speech about the applications of statistical methods. At this conference IMH statistics group (MABNA) presented the report of their activities. At the end, a theater related to the topic was displayed and professor javad Behboodian and Hamid Pezeshk were appreciated.

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