Iranian Statistics Day 2013

Iranian Statistics Day 2013
23 october 2013


National Day of Statistics and Planning:
On 23 October, Isfahan Mathematics House in collaboration with University of Isfahan, Isfahan University of technology, Sheikh-Bahai University held an exhibition and a ceremony of national Day of Statistics and planning in Iran and the year of Statistics2013. Among the main objectives of the exhibition, visitors learn about the issues and applications of statistics in different fields at universities, organizations and institutions in Isfahan. For this purpose, a number of agencies, organizations and private companies were invited to participate in the exhibition. Participants in the exhibition include:

  •  Statistics Group of Isfahan Math House
  •  Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  •  Iranian Statistical Society
  •  Iranian Statistical Center
  •  Mobarakeh Steel Company
  •  Social security Organization- Isfahan Branch
  •  Isfahan Municipality 
  • GIS statistics and Information center of Isfahan
  •  Some private company 
  • Statistical Student forum of Isfahan Universities
  •  Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

There were different programs in the ceremony too which includes lectures, roundtable and competition.
The lecture entitled Network Reliability Modeling by Dr. M. Asadi, professor of Isfahan University.
Two questions formed the competition “How statistics can be applied in Google translate” and “What’s the application of Statistics in elevator”
Roundtable entitled "Statistics and its Applications, Challenges and Opportunities" was attended by Dr.M.faghihi, Shahid Beheshti University, Dr. S. Alimoradi, Isfahan University of Technology, Dr. A Yousefi, Iraj Kazemi, Isfahan University. In this program, some questions were discussed:

  •  Does Statistics Student have enough knowledge about statistics applications in other science or industry?
  •  Do organizations and industry leaders have enough information about statistical capabilities in development?
  •  Due to the high capacity of Statistics in collaboration with other sciences, how statistics joint projects with other colleges?
  •  How the education system prepares students for the job market?

Professors expressed their views on any of the following questions, and offered their suggestions.






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