Algebra Day 2013

Algebra Day

Oct 31, 2013, IMH

Presentations focused on :

Introduction to main branches of Algebra and stating some updated research topics and their applications in various fields


The one-day algebra seminar, "Algebra Day", organized by Isfahan Mathematics House (IMH) to celebrate "Abu Ja'far Mohammad ibn Musa Kharizmi" will be held on Oct 31, 2013, at IMH.

Invited Speakers :

  1. Dr.Omarn Ahmadi Darvishvand- IPM , Cryptography
  2. Dr. Mohamad Bagheri , Science History, Non associative algebra 
  3. Dr. Mohamad Khorami- Azahra University,  
  4. Dr. Iman Setayesh- IPM , Algebraic Geometry 
  5. Dr. Mansour Motamedi- IMH,  Associative algebra 
  6. Dr. Ehsan Momtahen- Yasouj University
  7. Dr. HamidReza Meimani-IPM, algebraic graph theory 

Organizing Committee :

  1. Dr. Ali Danaei-IMH
  2. Dr.Ali Rejali- University of Technology
  3. Dr. Hamidreza Salimi Moghadam-Isfahan University
  4. Dr. Bijan Taeri-Isfahan University of Technology
  5. Dr. Mansour Motamedi- IMH
  6. Dr. Amir Hashemi-Isfahan University of Technology
  7. Dr. Malihe Yousefzadeh- Isfahan University, IPM



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