The 12th IMH Festival


 The 12th Isfahan Mathematics House Festival

 2014, May

The 12th IMH Festival, was held on 1&2 May 2014, for students that were top teams in Tournaments and A-Lympiad competitions. 42 Teams in 2013 Tournaments, 9 team in 2013 and 10 teams in 2014 A-lympiad were top teams in these competitions.
In this annual ceremony, students had an opportunity to form a team to solve interesting problems and there were also different workshops (Suds ,applied game theory, calculator and other games). In all these activities, the students won scores and at the end they were awarded by spesial gifts by IMH and Daya System Company.
During the festival, the Education authorities of Isfahan visited the festival, too.
The 12th IMH festival program ended with the presentation of the management of IMH, Dr. Ali Danaei about main activities of Math House, Mr. Talgini about a brief descriptions of Dr. Ali Rejali efforts in mathematical education in Iran, Mr. Kheradpajooh about history of Tournaments competitin and Mr. Behrouz about A-lympaid competition.





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